Murphy’s First Law


I am currently working on my first book and hope to have it published by mid 2013. Go go gadget self-publishing!

The book is the first in an urban fantasy series about Jac, a chaos class sorceress or Jinx. Jac can’t catch a break because of her destructive and unpredictable abilities that screw up every aspect of her life and have her on the run from the deadly and vengeful Justicars who want her pushing up daisies before she can cause more trouble. Can the combined efforts of a perky blonde werewolf, a talking squirrel, and Jac’s roommate, the moody tattoo artist and enigmatic sorcerer called V, save Jac from herself , the Justicars, and the killer kidnapping and brutally murdering the supernatural denizens of Indianapolis? Or will Jac’s secrets and those of her companions drag her life into a downward spiral…

Read Prologue of Murphy’s First Law.

Read Chapter 1 of Murphy’s First Law.

7 thoughts on “Murphy’s First Law

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    Having had the privilege of reading this novel, I can say that it really is a great story, and I am looking forward to the finished product being available soon.

  2. B. Patterson says:

    Do you have a publication date yet?

    • Not yet. My revisions on the current draft are not going at a steady pace, so I’d be hard-pressed to give an estimated date. I’d like to self-publish this year, though.

      • B. Patterson says:

        I’m on a similar path. The novel I plan to self-pub this October is currently being looked at by Beta readers. I’m so anxious to hear from them.

        I like your blog a lot. I read a couple of your posts and you have a fresh perspective on things. Usually when a writer blogs, they just re-hash what’s already been said over and over again.

      • Thank you. I’m glad my exploration of the things I’m learning while writing is useful, or at least entertaining. Good luck with your beta reads! 🙂

  3. holojacob says:

    Good luck with your self publishing adventure! It’s a tough road, but can be a very rewarding one. 🙂

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