Five Reasons Why Writers are Magicians


January 27, 2014 by Kira Lyn Blue

It's always a squirrel! Bullwinkle, got any bestsellers in that thing?

It’s always a squirrel! Bullwinkle, got any bestsellers in that thing?

1. Writers are Conjurers.

Writers create new people, new places, new technologies, new creatures, whole new worlds all with the power of their minds. The conjure them from thin air and make them real within the pages of their book and the minds of the readers.

2. Writers can control minds.


Welcome to my nightmares.

No, really. I haven’t looked at storm drains the same since reading Stephen King’s It as a teenager. Writers could be considered to possess the supernatural ability to induce emotions in others. Their thrillers induce tension and excitement. Their romances make us swoon and lust. A death of a favorite character can send us in search of a box of tissues. They can repulse us with their villains and make us crave vengeance just as much as their characters do. We celebrate and cheer their victories right alongside them.

3. Writers are Masters of Misdirection.

Just like any good stage illusionist, writers know how to direct the mind to see what they want you to see so you don’t see the twist, the betrayal, or recognize the killer until the perfect time when it has the most emotional punch. Or, better yet, to guess just how the hero, heroine, or unexpected ally will save the day!

magic book4. Writers are escape artists.

Harry Houdini who? Illusionists might free themselves from shackles while locked in a trunk underwater, but writers free hundred, thousands, millions of people with a single book! Fiction can provide a fun, entertaining escape from the real world and it’s troubles for a short period of time. Escapism? Maybe, but it’s also a stress reducer and the best books go far beyond simple entertainment.

5. Writers create Wonder.

That feeling of wonder and amazement at seeing something new and inexplicable done by a stage magician writers can also capture. They do it by showing us new worlds, new people, new ideas, new perspectives and taking us on a ride we never expected. It’s something so uniquely special to finish a book and be both thrilled by the story and so touched that you’re sad that there’s not more. Even more so when those characters, themes, and ideas linger on in the back of your mind making you think further about what message the author was trying to send and that broadens your thoughts and perceptions of the world.

And that’s the true magic of writers: their books broaden our world and our understanding of ourselves and others. 



7 thoughts on “Five Reasons Why Writers are Magicians

  1. Beautiful post beautifully stated! Now to go practice some leger de keyboard.

  2. The writer who can master #4, solving the problem in a plausible yet unpredictable way, can earn a healthy fan base in many genres. 🙂

  3. […] my last post I listed Five Reasons Why Writers are Magicians, but today let’s go a step further and think about what writers can learn from […]

  4. trishmercer says:

    I used to think of writers as near-to-gods, but this is much more accurate, humble, and less likely to cause anyone to be struck by lightning from a clear blue sky.

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