Feeding the Muse


June 6, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

The Muse is hungry and needs a steady diet of entertainment to keep her in top form for the mind-numbing revisions I’m working on. Here’s what she’s currently been gorging on:

Source: quickmeme.com

Arrested Development Season 4

Welcome back, Bluths! We missed you, really we did. The new season released in entirety on Netflix did not disappoint. The format, however, is distinctly different from previous seasons and takes some getting used to. Each episode focuses on a single Bluth, takes you back in time and shows you what’s been happening to that person since Lucille decided to play pirate in the finale of Season 3 and took off with ship to avoid arrest. It can be a bit confusing since you only get pieces of the puzzle in each episode, but the writers do a fairly impressive job of tying everything together. It might take 3-4 episodes before you get to a connection between events but most of those connections are well worth waiting for.

I think the new format would be off-putting for some viewers, though and I wasn’t all that impressed with how they ended the season. On the whole, I did find the new season enjoyable and would recommend it to AD fans.

Kira’s Rating: 3 1/2 Giggling Ninja Squirrels

First Grave on the RightCharley Davidson Series by Darynda Jones

I discovered this series through Vampire Book Club’s Alpha Showdown 2013 where Darynda Jones’s character Reyes Farrow came in as the runner-up in the competition. Reyes, the drop dead gorgeous Son of Satan definitely fits my requirements for an Alpha male. And Charley Davidson is hysterical as the Grim Reaper who helps her uncle, a detective with the local PD, solve murders by communicating with the departed. This series is action-packed, sexy, and funny as hell.

I was dubious of the praise heaped on the series by the writers at VBC and the book cover for the first in the series turned me off because it left me with the exact opposite impression of what Charley is actually like. I am so glad I gave it a chance, though. I’m honestly not sure how I’m going to survive until July 9th when the fifth book comes out.

I would highly recommend this series for fans of Karen Chance, Molly Harper, and Ilona Andrews.

Kira’s Rating: 4 1/2 Mischievous Ghost Squirrels


4 thoughts on “Feeding the Muse

  1. katemsparkes says:

    Don’t you hate when book covers do that? :/

  2. L. Marie says:

    Love the idea of feeding the muse. I have GOT to start watching Arrested Development. Haven’t seen a single episode. I know. Sad, right. So I’ll add those to my queue. And I haven’t read Darynda Jones’s series and probably wouldn’t have, based on the cover either. But now you’ve raised my curiosity. I like stories of the Grim Reaper (i.e., Terry Pratchett’s Death mini-series), so I’m game for this.

  3. I have not watched arrested development and need to get with it. Nice post.

  4. JP McLean says:

    I love AD – always makes me shake my head, but in a good way.

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