WIP Update: Tag, I’m It!


May 25, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

tagApparently there’s this sinister beast scouring its way across WordPress and latching its jaws onto unsuspecting writers everywhere: The WIP Update.

I blame Misha Burnett for sending it my way. Look out, Misha, payback’s a beyotch. The ninja squirrels may have smaller claws than the WIP Update Beast, but they’re infinitely more annoying.

1. What’s the name of your current WIP?

Murphy’s First LawIt’s the first in a series about Jacquelyn “Jac” Montgomery, a chaos class sorceress.

2. Ready to do a cover reveal?

Sadly, no. I still need to locate a cover artist and I need one like last week. I’m open to suggestions or referrals.

3. How many words are you into it?

The current draft is 130k and I’m currently working on revisions and trying to trim the fat. Yes, I’m wordy and I know it.

4. Goal word count by end of the week?

By Friday, May 31st, I’d like to 5 chapters of this draft revised.

5. Goal word count for the entire manuscript?

I’d like to cut it down to 100k.

6. What genre does your WIP fall within?

Urban Fantasy

7. When would you *like* to publish this project?

If you asked me that question earlier this year, I’d have said by June. I can tell you now that ain’t happening. This is my first “completed” novel and I’m struggling with the revision process. I got the first draft of my book done in four months, but the revisions are taking much, much longer.

For now, let’s say no later than September 2013.

8. Go to page five of your manuscript and pick a random sentence to share with us!

“Those who weren’t talking about the accident were heatedly arguing over whether or not they had seen “something big and man-eating” disembowel a bystander and dart off into the alley behind the building adjacent to the accident. No one had even noticed it pouncing on me.”

9. Will this WIP turn into a series?

Yep. It was always intended to be.

10. What has been the hardest challenge in working on this WIP?

Revising. There’s two aspects of the revisions that are working in tandem to drive me insane. First, I need to revise to make my MC’s actions and decisions more clear and understandable and focused on the primary motivator for her character. At the same time, I have to cut my word count. I keep finding myself trying to do both at once and it slows down the entire process.

11. What has been your favorite part of working on this WIP?

Ooh, that’s a toss-up. I have a secondary character that I adore and he’s my favorite to write because he’s the comic relief. I’ve also really enjoyed workshopping with my critique partners and beta readers. It’s quite a bit of fun to see their impressions on the story and characters.

12. Any special treat planned for when you finish the final draft of your WIP?

Huh, I hadn’t really thought about it. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a new tattoo. I have a habit of getting them to commemorate milestones in my life.

13. Tag 3 people to complete this WIP meme!

Erica Dakin

Hope Cook

Kate Sparkes


15 thoughts on “WIP Update: Tag, I’m It!

  1. MishaBurnett says:

    I laugh at Ninja Squirrels. “Ha, Ninja Squirrels, ha!” I laugh.

  2. katemsparkes says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyy! I have too many WIPs. Which one do I use? The one I’m writing the most on? The one closest to publication? The one I’m doing for JuNoWriMo? TELL MEEEEE!

  3. Erica Dakin says:

    I’m curious – are you trying to bring back your word count because your beta readers told you it’s too wordy and it drags, or do you just feel that it needs to be 100k? If it’s the former then by all means cut it down, but personally I’d advise against trying to cut a fifth out of your book just for the sake of it. My first draft of The Ritual was around 109k and after the rewrite it’d gone up to 125k because I’d added in bits that I felt were necessary. If you’re self-publishing, I really wouldn’t worry about word count. And if you’re wordy, maybe that’s just your writing style? I have really long sentences with endless sub-clauses – some would say that’s bad writing, but so far I’ve only had one complaint about it, and to me that’s just the way I write.
    Ultimately it’s your call of course – I can’t make any judgment since I haven’t seen your manuscript, but to me personally, word count is right at the bottom of my list of things to worry about.

    • I really only had one reader remark on my wordiness, but I respect her writing opinion and know myself and my writing well enough to know she has a valid concern. So, I gave myself the WC cut goal to force myself to get to the point, find the most effective phrases for conveying what I want to say, and to maintain the tension of the story. I’ve already found that I can easily chop almost 1k per chapter (most of it internal dialogue) and still maintain the same story. 1k X 25 chapters is 25k, so I rounded up to determine my goal.

      Thank you for the concern, though. In general, I would agree that word count is the last thing writers should be concerned about. For me specifically, it helps me hone my drafts 🙂

  4. I have heard so much about you I had to come visit. Will be following.

  5. That could be a great song: “I’m wordy and I know it.” 🙂 Throw in some ninja squirrels and you have a hit video.

  6. hopecook says:

    Ooh, a legitimate reason to blather on about my WIP (aka, the thing that is making me into a crazy person right now)….excellent! *taps fingers together in a knowing sort of way*

    Do I lose points if I admit I don’t know of anyone to pass the meme onto? Anyone want to volunteer to be memed? 🙂

    • No points lost in my book, er opinion. The ninja squirrels and I just want to know how Nephilim’s coming along 🙂

      • hopecook says:

        I’m trying to rework a scene at the end, but it’s giving me trouble. I’m really happy with the new scene I added, but then it had a ripple effect and now I’m torn on whether to just improve certain sections, or rewrite them completely. Brain go boom.

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