Book Review: Twice Tempted


May 7, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

twice temptedBook: Twice Tempted

Series: Night Prince #2

Author: Jeaniene Frost

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy

Rating: 3 Disappointed Vampire Squirrels

Plot: This is the second book in Frost’s spin-off series from the Night Huntress series (featuring my favorite Vamp couple, Cat and Bones). Our heroine, Leila, is not only concerned about the apparent loss of her psychic abilities, but her vampire lover has been giving her the cold shoulder. When said lover is the infamous Vlad- yes, that Vlad- who values power and control above all else, is it any wonder she begins to doubt his affections?

Things only get worse when Leila finds herself in the middle of an explosion at a carnival, targeted by kidnappers, and wanted dead. Who can Leila trust? How can she stop a psychotic killer when her abilities, if she can get them back, might kill her?

Kira’s Take: I wanted to love this book, but it just didn’t match up to Frost’s usual fare. On one hand, I applauded the heroine’s refusal to stay in a relationship that appeared unbalanced, no matter how much she loved the guy. On the other hand, Vlad’s just not that loveable. The way he was presented as a secondary character in the Night Huntress books, he had so much more depth and better dialogue. In this series, I’m getting the feeling that Frost is trying too hard to make him a vampire version of Jericho Barrons and not quite making it. That may not be the case. I may just be seeing similarities and judging Vlad unfairly against Barrons.

But, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t refer readers to Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series instead of this.

The thing is that I’m just not seeing reasons for Leila to love Vlad other than that he protects her and gives her hot lovins. Literally, since he’s a pyromancing vamp in this cosmology. Vlad had more believable emotional connection to Cat in one scene in the Night Huntress Books than he can scrape up for Leila in this entire book. Not a good sign.

Another main issue is that there just isn’t the level of playful humor in this series that I’m accustomed to with Frost’s books. Granted, Vlad is not Bones so I don’t expect him to crack wise like Bones does. But I still miss those types of interactions. Frost also typically does majorly embarrassing scenes like no one’s business, but the couple that pop up in this book just don’t have her usual impact.

Final Analysis: Twice Tempted is still a fun read, but I won’t rate it as high as Frost’s other novels. If you haven’t read the Night Huntress series, you definitely should. Cat and Bones are seriously smokin’ hot. Vlad and Leila? Not so much.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Twice Tempted

  1. Good review! I completely agree with your opinion on this book – definitely worth a read if you’re a fan. But will it set your world a flame Bones and Cat style? No.

    • I know. I’m sad. Vlad seemed to have such potential in the Night Huntress books and I’m not sure what happened to him. Then again, his behavior makes sense for his character and Cat was never an emotional threat to him, but Leila is. You know I’ll have to read the next book just to see if Leila does get Vlad to open up.

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