Book Review: Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight Into It


April 30, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

Imminent Danger CoverBook: Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight Into It

Author: Michelle Proulx

Genre: Science-fiction, YA

Plot: Shy, bookish, seventeen year-old Eris Miller is having a bad day. Her shower runs out of hot water (which is enough to ruin my day by itself), her roommate’s hunky boyfriend catches her in nothing but a towel, and she gets abducted by aliens.

Because, you know, the best way to find out humans aren’t alone in the galaxy is by learning you’re going to be sold into slavery by a bunch of scaly, six-armed aliens with a strange obsession for the color blue.

Shortly after Eris befriends Miguri, a fellow captive, an alien whom Eris describes as “a cross between a monkey and a garden gnome,” they’re abducted again by a roguish space-pirate. Can Eris trust the handsome and charming Varrin or should she heed Miguri’s warnings that he’s a ruthless mercenary?

The trio take off on a pan-galactic, madcap adventure filled with rescues, more abductions, space battles, aliens with poor driving skills, and GUIs (Goopy User Interfaces). But will Eris make it home with her heart in one piece?

Kira’s Take: The story is charmingly ridiculous and tons of fun. Intelligent and earnest Erin maintains her composure and sense of wonderment despite the indignities she suffers as a captive. It’s hard not to fall in love with the girl who shows backbone, curiosity, and faith in the goodness of others in spite of her circumstances.

Proulx does a phenomenal job of maintaining the humorous tone of the novel even in scenes that other authors would portray as terrible and horrifying without losing the tension of the action. It reminds me of the silliness of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

At its heart, Imminent Danger is a story of acceptance. Proulx brings together three individuals who are outsiders in their own societies who learn that home is not necessarily a place, but the company of people who accept you for who you are.

Final Analysis: I NEED THE SEQUEL! I will be anxiously awaiting Chasing Nonconformity and creeping Michelle’s Proulx’s author page on a regular basis for updates.

Rating: 4.5 Giggling Space Squirrels (one or two of them may be wearing Team Varrin t-shirts…)

I was really torn between giving Imminent Danger a four or a five. So long as a book entertains me, I usually rate it at a four. Threes are for books that generally entertain me, but fall flat at the end or have some plot or character issues. I have to be pretty disappointed to rate a book at a two. Fives are for books that so capture my imagination that I find myself lying awake in bed replaying the story over in my mind for days after I’ve finished reading. This book comes darn close. It sneaks into the back of my mind when I least expect it and I find myself giggling all over again.

And, oh hey, check out the fan art here!


10 thoughts on “Book Review: Imminent Danger: And How to Fly Straight Into It

  1. cptam1947 says:

    I am usually not into YA, but the title intrigues me. I still have Twilight, book one, sitting on my shelf unread. Okay I read the first chapter, but then I had to get an insulin shot.

    • katemsparkes says:

      Imminent Danger is NOTHING like Twilight, trust me! Most well-written YA isn’t that saccharine. 🙂

      I approve of everything in this review. It’s such a fun, unpredictable story, the tone is entertaining, and I adore the characters. I’m also going to be jumping all over Chasing Nonconformity when it comes out.

  2. MishaBurnett says:

    I agree, this is a great book, and fun for all ages.

  3. MishaBurnett says:

    Reblogged this on mishaburnett and commented:
    A good review for a good book!

  4. Yay! 🙂 So glad you enjoyed it! I’ll work extra hard on Chasing Nonconformity so you don’t have to wait 7 years like it took me to finish Imminent Danger, lol.

  5. Dave Higgins says:

    It might be worth posting the squirrel benchmark as a page from your header as well so people can understand how you use the scale without needing it repeated in each review.

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