Random Updates 4/16/13


April 16, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

Image: cheezburger.com

Wooo! Monday was a big day for me and I’m happier than a caffeinated ninja squirrel!

We broke 100 views in a single day for the first time! And yesterday marked a month since I started this blog. Thank you to everyone who keeps dropping by to see what’s up in my world! You guys rock.

Kira’s First Interview!

I was also featured in an interview over on Writing the Fire which was a lot of fun. You should stop by to see how I first got into writing and say hi to the really awesome group of aspiring authors including my interviewer Natalie White.

A Book Review Challenge!

Aequanimitas23 recently posted a very compelling argument in Book Review Challenge for why we as readers should be doing book reviews. In Karma for Authors Who Self-Publish, Chris McMullen hinted at why we as aspiring writers should be doing it: karma/branding. I’m extrapolating a bit on his concept, but it really hit me that I should be supporting other self-published authors and this industry in general. So, I am going to commit to reading and reviewing a minimum of one self-pubbed book a month and posting my reviews both here and on Goodreads.

Who’s with me? Who accepts the Book Review Challenge? Chime in Below!




5 thoughts on “Random Updates 4/16/13

  1. Congrats on the view boost and the interview! I’ll poke it shortly. 🙂 Thanks for the linkback too! I hadn’t seen the karma piece. May have to check that out.


  2. Len says:

    Over a hunny is nice, it is a feat I have yet to achieve. Grats.

  3. Aldrea Alien says:

    100 views is nice number to hit. Don’t get there often myself.

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