Meet Oliver


March 20, 2013 by Kira Lyn Blue

Let’s talk about me…

Oliver is a supporting character from the novel I am currently working on, and arguably my favorite character to write. Oliver is a human sorcerer who has been trapped in the body of a squirrel as the result of a curse that no one seems capable of breaking and Ollie isn’t talking about how he got that way or who did it to him. He is an academic by nature: intensely curious to the point of being brash and intrusive, he fancies himself the expert on everything and loves to hear himself talk.

Name: Oliver Winston Hamilton III aka “Ollie”

Age: None of your damned business.

Race: Human Sorcerer (Editor’s note: Oliver refuses to discuss the sorcery class of lost abilities at this time. Also note that squirrels may bite when asked questions they don’t want to answer.)

Height: Depends. Do I get to count my tail?

Weight: Depends. Do I have to count my tail?

Eye color: Brown

Hair: Gray and brown. I am NOT that old. I am an Eastern Gray Squirrel, it’s supposed to be that color!

Hometown: London, England

Affiliations: Formerly head of the American Sorcerers’ Cabal’s Teleportation Investigatory Research Division. Prior to that he was a researcher for the European Sorcerers’ Cabal and left mid-career under mysterious circumstances.

Oliver Quotes:

“I’ve spent a whole week of fending off hulking idiots who think donuts and Swiss cake rolls are acceptable sustenance for a sciurus carolinensis. It’s not even acceptable sustenance for a human!”

“I am quite anxious to ask Sean how it was fabricated. Perhaps he had been storing energy in some conduit he kept on premises for some time, years even. It’s quite a brilliant application of arcanocapacitation. I’m curious as to what methods he used to limit power leakage over time…”

“It wasn’t a cell, it was a damned hamster habitat complete with activity wheel! I believe that is what civilized countries call cruel and unusual punishment.”

Oliver on Pinterest– pics I use as character inspiration for Oliver.


One thought on “Meet Oliver

  1. […] my accident prone little chaos class sorceress, but I’ve decided that it will be Oliver (see his blog post here) calling Jac by this nickname. I think it’s much more fitting with the personality I’ve […]

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